Month: March 2015

Starting the discussion on Crisis Planning

March 31st, 2015 by Mary Kay Hyde-Bohn

Pothole (little crisis) vs. Sinkhole (big disaster)

To start any discussion on preparedness or crisis planning, you must start at the beginning of your business processes – your daily tasks.

The Business Continuity Partners of the West philosophy is that preparedness starts with the daily details: process, vendors, suppliers, employees, employee cross training, equipment & tools all being able to work every day with consistent maintenance. Then the business owner and partners (employees & external team) can decide what actions to take to respond to little crisis (potholes) and plan for the big disaster (sinkholes) response.

As business owner or highest partner in an organization you need to identify and work with your external partners on a regular basis: Banker, CPA, Insurance Agent and Lawyer. These folks are in business to keep you in business. The external circle of partners expands as you identify your vendor partners, facility partners, not to mention your customers are depending on you and your team to deliver your product(s).

Next you will identify your internal partners, those employees that will help identify and document your processes, support tasks and all details around vendors or suppliers. These should be the folks that also are free to point out the gaps and propose solutions.

In coming articles, we’ll explore those things that can cause potholes, because if you can’t manage through the potholes, you surely will not survive a sinkhole!

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