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Business Continuity Partners of the West has helped businesses across many industries, including electrical contractors,
gaming costume designers, lawyers, banking, veterinarians, technology start-ups and manufacturing companies, to name just a
few. Reducing risk and planning for a continuity of operations needs to be part of the organizational culture of ANY business.

We become part of YOUR team making repeatable and sustainable processes that ensure that a continuity of operations,
or resiliency and disaster preparedness strategies are part of your day-to-day processes.

BCPW suggests processes you can utilize that fill operational gaps ensuring that “potholes” don't become “sink holes”.
Because, it truly is not a question of “IF,” but a reality of WHEN.

Knowing the right questions to ask and quickly identifying and prioritizing our clients’ pain points is what sets us apart.

We help you build a structure that will create a stable continuity of operations, enabling businesses to weather any storm.